her gifted voice

(in het Nederlands)

Anne has just found her voice
I hear her speaking in my ear
the muteness she has worn in life
makes her sound so crystal clear

“finally I know my gift!”
she’s celebrating through my phone
and I’m shocked to feel a shift
to places I seem to have known

slowly something lights inside me
she singsays phrases from afar
my eyes are hobbling ’till I see
the memories that touch my heart

my heart beats and it’s then I notice
something comes to life in me
my heart shows me her silent labour
and fills me warm with always me

voiceless and enchanted born
I search for my true better half
he calls me, so I can fill my name:
“your source of life springs from your self”

what she gave me is for giving
her light is filling up my weight
it shines through in all my seeing, touching,
telling me it’s worth the wait